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Complete BUNDLE of the List 1 O.G. Sight Words / 20 REAL unique sight words are in the bundle.

The Sight words under Orton Gillingham do not follow the normal rules of phonics and are TRUE sight words - so they are not words that can be sounded out according to phonetic patterns and are not decodable.

PLEASE BE AWARE: many shops are selling "high frequency words" as sight words - but this is not a true sight word. This actually does a disservice to the student in training that a regular phonetic word is a "sight word." We only need to memorize the words that do not follow the phonics rules, otherwise we should be teaching students how to sound the word out according to phonics rules and syllable type. Teaching a student to blindly memorize words without teaching them the tools for how to decode the words actually does nothing for the student's literacy and fluency.

Each unique sight word has two separate worksheets dedicated to it, as well as a flash card, and a decodable reader. Sight words are not learned by filling in one worksheet; there needs to be multiple, explicit steps in training each word. That is why this bundle is special. Each individual word has a structured practice page that has been adapted to the Orton Gillingham model, a 'find the word' worksheet, that is custom made for the individual word, a flash card (with the Orton Gillingham steps to practice sight words on flash cards), and three decodable reader passages filled with this list of sight words. Each page has been custom tailored to follow a structured literacy approach with multi sensory boxes to follow, so that the student does more than just rewrite the words. Tactile learning is important for every student, but is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for students with dyslexia or any written and oral deficit.

The practice page boxes follow this order: First the sight word is presented and the phonetical spelling is given in a small box on the top right, then the student taps under each letter in the next box, then the student traces the word in the next box, after this the student writes the word, then the student has to find the correct word among many similar looking words, and the last box gives a decodable sentence with the word that the student should be able to read on their own. I have custom tailored the basic "sight word template" to model a structured literacy approach and added fun imagery along the way.

The "find the word" practice worksheets has the student trace the sight word and then read a decodable sentence with the sight word (all closed syllable words so the student can read the word on their own). Then the student has to color in the bubbles with the correct spelling of the sight word.

The flash cards are approximately 3 in x 4.5 in and come 4 to a page. There is a sight words study method attached to this file as well.

The decodable readers use leveled text and incorporate all the sight words in this bundle. The sight words are highlighted in blue.

You are able to download and print today!

This BUNDLE listing includes FOUR PDF FILES:
20 practice word worksheets
20 find the word worksheets
20 flash cards (3 in x 4.5 in - 4 per page)
3 decodable readers filled with this list of sight words.

If you choose to laminate the pages you can have the student work with a dry erase marker and keep retracing and reusing.

If you want to view the Orton Gillingham List 2 Bundle, as seen in the last pic, click here:
This is a digital download only.
No printed materials included.
Digital downloads are available immediately after payment processing

If you have trouble downloading and printing, please contact me. I will walk you through it.

To Print:
1. Download your files.
2. If you do not want a border choose borderless print
3. Print on your home printer or order prints online (choose from the local printing services that you like).

Please take note: the colors on your computer may differ slightly and printing quality may differ slightly from one printer to the next. It depends on the model of your device and the type of the printer. I recommend printing on a matte cardstock.

At last, all downloadable sales are final. Please contact me if you are having an issue with printing. My files are for personal use only. You cannot resell commercially, but you can print them as many times as you need.

Orton Gillingham Sight Word Worksheets List 1, Educational Worksheets - Preschoo

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