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Set of 84 flash cards (available in two different color options, as well as in black & white for those that want to save on ink) in a digital PDF download to help your student learn their letters.

Each card is approximately 3 inch x 4 inch.

These cards follow a structured literacy learning approach. Modeled after the grapheme cards for Orton Gillingham - the vowels are colored differently to help early learners differentiate easily between vowel and consonant. Early learners should be taught the difference between vowels/consonants as early as possible. This set includes all the consonant digraphs and trigraphs, as well as the vowel digraphs and trigraphs for a structured literacy experience.

The letter q card is "qu" since these cards are modeled after Orton Gillingham and the science of reading - we teach very early that "q always needs his buddy u." The u in this grapheme is not colored as a vowel because it does not act as a vowel. Letters are lowercase intentionally, as this follows the Orton Gillingham training method.

You are able to download and print today!

This listing includes:
SIXTY FOUR 8.5x11 pages of grapheme/letter cards for you to print out at home and cut into flash cards. There are 21 pages of the cream/neon green combo of letters, 21 pages of the gray/turquoise combination, and 22 pages of the black/white combo.

I recommend using a cardstock for printing or laminating if you intend to use over and over again.

This is a digital download only.
No printed materials included.

Digital downloads are available immediately after payment processing

If you have trouble downloading and printing, please contact me. I will walk you through it.

To Print:
1. Download your files.
2. Choose the size that you desire.
3. Print on your home printer or order prints online (choose from the local printing services that you like).

Please take note: the colors on your computer may differ slightly and printing quality may differ slightly from one printer to the next. It depends on the model of your device and the type of the printer. I recommend printing on a matte cardstock.

At last, all downloadable sales are final. Please contact me if you are having an issue with printing. My files are for personal use only. You cannot resell commercially, but you can print them as many times as you need.

84 Grapheme Flash Cards, Preschool Printables, Alphabet Cards, Letter Cards for

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