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Barbie World Tour Headbands

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

I made these sweet Barbie headbands for a birthday party at the World Barbie Tour in Santa Monica, CA.

barbie world tour headband

I already had all the supplies at home, so I was actually able to whip these together in just a few minutes. You can do so many different styles for this headband; it is so easy to make. Use what you have and get creative.

I made some quick images for the template and printed on my home printer, and then I laminated the full sheet before cutting the images down. Click here for the free pdf download:

Free barbie download
Download PDF • 88KB

barbie headband

I glued the laminated Barbie diamonds to a piece of hot pink felt and hot glued it to the front of the headband. I then added pink and white puffs in varying sizes around the Barbie image. The huge pink puffs made the whole look. You can use whatever headband you have on hand for these - I had already had some cheap black headbands from amazon. I wrapped each one in different colors of lace that I already had on hand. If you have never wrapped a headband in lace/ribbon/material, you just hot glue the end on the inside bottom of the headband and keep wrapping until you get to the other end and hot glue on the inside end again.

barbie headband

They turned out super cute and the girls loved them. I even gave a headband away at the Barbie house because someone stopped and asked us where they could buy one. Throughout the day we had three different people ask us about them, so I thought I would put it on my page in case people wanted to make their own. You could even use the images for party favor bags, name tags on tables, or even glued to sticks and put on the top of a cake or cupcakes.

little girl wearing barbie headband

barbie birthday party

barbie headbands

barbie world tour santa monica

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